The complete writings of Antonia “Toni” Stone are voluminous and many of the landmark studies and research were published before the establishment of the Playing to Win / Community Technology Centers’ Network.  They were, in fact, the foundation upon which the network’s establishment was based.  A good many of them are cited in the various pieces she wrote for the Community Technology Review and its predecessors and can be found in the online archives.   These include:

  • Toni’s overview of “The CTCNet Start-Up Manual,” spring-summer 1997, pp. 11-12 — Toni herself was largely responsible for writing and overseeing the Manual’s development.

At around this same time, I co-authored a piece with Toni for the Community Media Review:

The following earlier articles Toni published in the Community Technology Review can be found in the 6-page PDF at

  • “Software Review Corner,” spring 1994, p. 14.
  • “On Keystrokes to Literacy,” fall 1994, pp. 23-24.
  • “Playing to Win — A Retrospective (1980-1994),” fall 1994, pp. 25-26.
  • “PTWNet: An Agenda for Action,” fall 1995, p. 7.

Toni passed away on November 21, 2002.  The spring 2003 ComTechReview contains selection of memorial comments, a few of which can be found at There is video tribute, too, the second segment of the premier production of the Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative’s “First Tuesday” program, “Remembering Toni Stone,” introduced and produced by Nettrice Gaskins. It requires the real video application to view and can be found at 28:45 into the program in the CBCmedia archives at


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