special themes

Special Themes: [Jo]CI — The TextBook

Special Themes provide coverage of topics of interest that are not featured in the basic TextBook and demonstrate how different sections or modules can be added to it.  Three different special themes have been considered in the development of the beta version of the text as follows:

  • Telecentres / Community Technology Centers (CTCs) — The archived field of the 14 JoCI issues, through vol 5, no 1, 2009, yields 51 articles that address these institutions. Along with the listing of eight exceptional JoCI articles there is a narrative summarizing some of their key lessons; additionally, there is a listing of another eight articles/collections on CTCs and related themes taken from the archives of the Community Technology Review, and a commentary about their lessons.  Click here for the 16 article collection and the fuller explanation about them.
  • At the intersection of Technology and Democracy, there are 34 JoCI articles to consider. It’s not difficult to review them and select a third or so of these that can contribute thoughtful considerations to this theme.  For a suggested collection and additional suggestions about gathering resources, click here.
  • At the “Intersection of Technology and Democracy — and Political Theory” there are three illustrative cases studies available from the online TextBook editor. (Note, these would become the three case studies/follow-up articles on Carl Davidson, Manuel Castells, and Ed Schwartz in the author’s dissertation as per CMT & Political Theory.)
  • Additional themes: It should be clear from all this how special themes can easily be developed, from simpler ones focusing on technology developments in a specific country or region to more developed ones such as these. As a teacher, student, practitioner, or other, you are invited to consider our basic text and use and help contribute to it. Welcome to JoCI, the TextBook.

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