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Let’s face it, it’s been a big season for big reunions, beginning in May with my 45th at Oberlin.  (My current online photo album collection began with my 40th Oberlin reunion five years ago; this year’s gathering also gave rise to some musings on “The Magic Summer of ’66” in Oberlin Philosophy, the Philosophy Department’s yearly newsletter, page 1.)  In July we went out to my high school’s 50th reunion and then almost immediately to the big family reunion primarily on the Cape.  The big family reunion even has a supplement.

My family reunion album is on the googleplus/photo site that Sarah organized as a group site, along with her photos and Stephanie’s (so far).  I’ll try to remember to update this when more people add their photos.

Why a supplement? Well, it’s really not so easy to say when the big family reunion actually started, since if you look at it as the gathering on the Cape in July, there was an earlier-in-the-month get-together when Sarah brought Felicity, her roommate, and Nicole, her good friend and replacement co-op board member, when we were all worried about the documented bulge in the new living room flooring, and if you’re talkin’ about the broader family reunion of the Cabral-Cummings-Dunleavy-Kahan Millers, then Karen’s and my trip to Columbus not only counts for that, it also pulls in Peter D, as well as other Dunleavys (Dan and Vicky).  There’s other family expansions and inclusions, pre-doings, like Isaac’s birthday celebration, along with Nigel, Kay, and William (Oberlin ’15); the visit with our friend Ellen Rifkin from Santa Cruz days during family on the Cape extended week, and the post Alison-hosting-Aunt-Eileen-(Hale)-and-Rick-coming-to-Boston pieces, Rick getting in the final word here in fact.

My contribution to the official family reunion group site actually begins in Columbus, moves almost seamlessly to dinner in Brookline and then on to the Cape. The album includes the practically-already classic 4 generation-4 Brody/Brodies (4 God and Country) assortment, the almost full-collection of big group photos, and the Nina/Sarah/Dana set.

There are 18 of us in the big group photos, like the one at the top  —  (sitting, l to r)  Joansy, Finn, Nina, Brody; (standing, l to r) Talia, Rowan, Jessica, Riley, Jed, Kelley, Steve/Max, Toni, Peter, Sarah, Jason, Patrick, Karen, Samara.  If you don’t know who all these people are and their relationship to each other, check out the family tree.FamilyTree2ed

You can click on the graphic to look more closely, or there’s a more informative version on right here. Family members have editing privileges.


One Response to “Reunions2013”

  1. John G. Moore August 29, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

    You are a lucky fellow, Dr. Miller. Lots of loving family, Oberlin (my nephew graduated there, I spent one crazy year at Antioch), celebrations, and, above all, FAMILY. Count your blessings, dear friend. I am very happy for you, and modestly happy myself. Best wishes always, John G. Moore

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