PostDoc Projects

Preparation for community technology project in Cuba in conjunction with trip and seminar with the Center for Global Justice, June 2015.

“Manuel Castells’ Information Age Trilogy & the Epic Tradition of Political Theory” and “Ed Schwartz and NetActivism” (in process).

Technology support for community building at senior independent living facilities: communications coordination for Families and Friends of 100 Centre St. in Brookline, assistance with self-publishing resident memoirs (e.g., Evelyn Keene, A Global View of Things) and residents-produced monthly Journal, support for expansion of

The Activist — An Introduction to its Online Archive, the First Decade: 1960-69” (in process)

Recently completed

Tech Networks of Boston — TNB Roundtable: What nonprofit organizations need to know about community technology centers, November 7, 2014.

Brookline Interactive Group/Brookline Access TV — Executive Director Search Committee, summer 2014; essays/posts on “BIG News:  Ethel Weiss, Larry Lessig, Kathy Bisbee and the Road Ahead” (October 7, 2014) and “Innovations in Community Media and Technology: 3/29/12 Live from Brookline, MA and Webcast Everywhere” — Guide to the 12-Minute Version (July 2, 2014).

Panel organizer and presenter, Bridging the Digital Divide and Promoting Digital Inclusion: An Update on Public Access Venues and Projects for “Public Administration in an Information Society: Opportunities, Threats, and Intriguing Possibilities,” the Northeast Conference on Public Administration, November 2, 2013.  — Presentation and organization of panel based upon From the Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion and Beyond: An Update on Telecentres and CTCs, a review of five recent works.

A reverie on “The Magic Summer of ’66,” page one of Oberlin Philosophy, the Philosophy Department’s 2013 newsletter.

Post-doctoral Community Media and Technology education, program development, and research as per CMT2012.


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