Oberlin 50th Reunion Directory Page

Memories and life since Oberlin meld together, witness the following notice from a year and a half ago:

Mini-50th Reunion


            Tim and Leslie Hart Craine (both, ’65) and Peter Miller (’67) caught up on October 17, 2015 at the “The Future of U.S.-Cuban Relations” Conference at Central Connecticut State University. Tim and Leslie are both involved with the Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba; Tim was the conference organizer.  Peter is organizing a community technology delegation to Cuba.
            Oberlin is a recurrent point of note for them all.  Tim and Leslie return regularly to attend the annual Socialist Workers Party national conference that the college hosts. Peter’s writing includes an essay on “Oberlin College and the Berkeley School of Political Theory,” a related page 1 piece in the 2013 Oberlin Philosophy Newsletter, “The Magic Summer of ’66,” and a more recent essay on another Oberlin grad, “Ed Schwartz and NetActivism, Theory and Practice:  Legacy and Lessons for Civic Education and Community Organizing.”

The philosophy newsletter reverie is actually a pretty good update of my life over the last fifty years and points to a closer look at the pathways I’ve traveled, in part as a member of the “Oberlin Community Technology Mafia,” graduates from the 60’s and 70’s who may never have seen a computer during our time at the college but became involved in politically progressive dimensions of the technology explosion in later years leading to the new millennium. As to personal family matters — my wife Karen, our kids and grandkids, all of us are gathered together here:


I’m the current archivist of The Activist, albeit on hold until some interested collegial support comes along, and have very recently been in touch with Jim Bogen, who’s told me, in his inimitable way, “please give anyone who wants it a hello from me.”




“Director of Apple Computer’s World-Wide Community Affairs Fred Silverman (left [’67]) and Mitch Cohen [’66], founder of the Hard Disk Café in Gloucester, MA.”  — page 12 of the Spring 1996 issue of the Community Technology Review

Addendum 2: Some reunion scenes here.

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