Community Technology Centers (CTCs) and Citizen Engagement — What they are, why they’re important, resources for learning more

I.  Technology and Citizen Engagement and Activism — NECoPA opportunities

II.  CTCs/telecentres:

  • what they are:  access and learning places… that supplement existing programs and services and have standalone and partnership dimensions… diverse and protean…
  • the universal resource for low-income, low literacy, and other “disadvantaged” populations
  • the newest basic part of the social infrastructure

III.   Resources

  • History of how CTCs grew:  movement and manifesto, organization/network, founder/Toni Stone, credo and mission statement, state and federal programs, publications, how-to manual.
  • Today:
  1. CTCNet /
  2. CTC Manual —
  3. Directory in Spring-Summer 1997 ComTechReview, pp. 55-59
  4. Broadband stimulus ( — Public Computer Centers:
  • Two additional resources:
  1. CTCs and Telecentres — a case study primer
  2. Current CTC resources: from to DexCon 2010

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