FAQ: [Jo]CI — The TextBook

Some basic information about the textbook (as distinct from how it can be customized and used) includes:

  • Organization, structure, and processes — Peter Miller oversaw the initial editing and design for the electronic version; JoCl editor-in-chief Michael Gurstein and former Associate Editor Eduardo Villanueva developed the initial hard copy outline, organization, and selections.  If you are interested in being involved, contact Peter (peterm@igc.org) for the electronic version, Michael (gurstein@gmail.com) for the hard copy.
  • Costs and finances — All involved editors are committed to providing the textbook in both its versions as inexpensively to readers, teachers, and students as possible.  All the material is currently freely available, though editorial board members should discuss the feasibility of asking for donations for classroom use and other similar occasions and how such funding could support the journal.  Additionally, we might develop guidelines for editorial board members who become in projects as advisers as a result of their participation in this.
  • Suggestions for clarifications, corrections, and other basic matters that should be covered in the textbook FAQ are welcome.

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