customization guide

Customizing and Using: [Jo]CI — The TextBook

There are three basics tools noted here that are available and useful for customizing the JoCI TextBook to your specific needs:

  • Tools from Open Journal Systems — JoCI itself is produced using a most versatile and remarkable content management system (CMS) developed by the Public Knowledge Project. Among the OJS tools that are especially useful for customizing your use of The JoCI TextBook is its search feature, which can do searches in specialized areas such as author names, titles, abstracts, and index terms as well as full text. One can also browse the full indexes by author, title, or issue, all the specialized components that make up the journal archive.
  • The special themes section of this text is intended to not only provide an introduction to community technology centers (CTCs) and telecentres as well as a couple of other themes — these stand an illustrative examples of how one could develop customized sections for other specific purposes.
  • As may be needed, JoCI editorial board members and other contributors and experts may be useful in helping you customize this work to your needs. The online text editor can make recommendations as may be useful.

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