Sessions for the in NYC, March 24-26, 2017

  • National Legislative Action to End the Embargo and Opportunities for Local Campaigns to Play a Major Role” — with Andrea Fernandez Aponte, The Latin America Working Group (; Tim Craine, the Greater Hartford Cuba Coalition; Pepe Rossy, Albany-Cuba Solidarity, and Peter Miller, in Boston. The session is informed by a review of last year’s four successful municipal campaigns, as published by here.

A push is needed to educate, advocate and organize to End the Embargo, and local campaigns can play a key role in how this all plays out. You can start now and use the workshop session as a check point. Contact me at to learn more and/or inquire about being part of the session.

  • “Technology and Digital Media Support for Cuba and the Solidarity Movement,” with Charlie Welch, Boston-Cuba Solidarity and; Sam Kellogg, North American Congress on Latin America (; Cheryl LaBash, the National Network on Cuba (; Danny Spitzberg (, NPOTechCoop Cuba project; Peter Miller, and the Progressive Technology Cuba Project. The session is informed by the short paper “Complicity: How US Community and NonProfit Technology Has Been Complicit in Some Very Ugly Cuba ‘Regime Change’ Policies and Practices — And What To Do About It,” available here.

Technology and digital media play a pivotal and wide-ranging role in Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations as can be seen in the three USAID fiascos involving Alan Gross and the faux-twitter Zun Zuneo and hip-hop infiltration capers, the “nonpartisan, nonprofit”, Che Guevara and the origins of ICT4D in Cuba, the hot politics of the Cuban blogosphere, and Internet development, to note some of its dimensions and spread, as per the one page overview and four additional pages further filling out the context. This session will make an active effort to pull together how the solidarity movement can help itself and Cuba develop advanced technology and media tools and digital equity, equipment donations, circuit rider help, open source technology resources including support for Infomed, resources for local campaigns to End the Embargo, and more. Interested contributors, participants, and panelists are encouraged to contact me at

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