The Community Technology Review Archive:  1993-2007

The on-line archive for the Community Technology Review — and the numerous references to material at — is now retrievable through the Wayback Machine at, directly via*/ This archive does not include material before 1996; the Spring ’96 issue material is partial; the rest of the 1996 and 97 material is only partially retrievable via these archives.

PDF versions of additional material from the Community Technology Review archives, its predecessors and successors, can be found as follows:

  • April 1993 Impact, the publication of the Boston Computer Society’s Social Impact Group and Public Service Committee — The ComTechReview grew out of “Community Computing Center News and Notes,” a special supplement found on PDF pp.19 & 20.
  • Summer 1994 selections, including the manifesto on “Playing to Win and the Community Computing Center Movement.”
  • CTC VISTA Project Digest 2006-2007 — The last full issue of the ComTechReview focused on the achievements and resources of the CTC VISTA Project ( that was eventually transformed into the Transmission Project that continued through the summer 2011.  In 2006 and 2007, three extended online issues of the project’s work and resources were produced along with three hard copy four page issues summarizing and linking to them.
  • The Toni Stone Collection, a compendium of ComTechReview pieces and other material by and about the founder of Playing to Win and the Community Technology Centers Network.

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