Post-doctoral Community Media and Technology education, program development, and research

Concurrent with completing my dissertation in political theory and community technology, I gave a series of workshops and presentations focused on two sections in particular, the updated chapter on Community Technology Centers (CTCs) and Telecentres, a case study approach to appreciating those institutions basic to combating what has been commonly referred to as “the digital divide,” and the epilogue on how the chapter illustrates the customizability of an e-textbook for the field of Community Informatics.

I offered these sessions in a variety of venues — the Ethos Roundtable, the 5th International Conference on Communities and Technology, the Second Annual Northeast Conference on Public Administration, and the 2011 International Community Informatics Conference in Prato, Italy.  These presentations supplemented decades of practice-focused workshops and presentations, based on my work as the founding network director of the Community Technology Centers Network and of the CTC VISTA/Transmission Project and editing the Community Technology Review, resulting in the development of a flexible framework for teaching about the world of Community Media and Technology including integrating, where useful, internship and volunteer opportunities. It’s a framework appropriate for a wide range of formal and informal learning venues, from high school students and ordinary citizens who have no previous knowledge or experience to teachers at any level who may or may not have some familiarity with it, to those who have extended experience working or otherwise being active in community media and/or community technology in either practical or academic ways or both.

I have a special interest in community media and technology development in metroBoston going back to Boston Computer Society support for those efforts and extending up to the more recent technology columns written for and the concurrent organizing for Community Media and Technology Day in March 2011 and the Innovations in Community Media program in March 2012.

I am currently involved with efforts at two colleges at Northeastern University: in the College of Computer and Information Science, with the Masters’ Co-op Program community technology and nonprofit development and placement project, and with the College of Professional Studies in developing community and nonprofit media and technology program resources to supplement and reinforce existing programs in Nonprofit Management, Global Studies, Digital Media, Human Services, Informatics, and elsewhere in the College.

Recent work includes the development of a case study presentation for the Northeastern Computer Science Graduate Student Co-op program’s required orientation seminar and an analysis “From the Digital Divide to Digital Exclusion and Beyond: An Update on Telecentres and CTCs” that critically reviews five recent works in the field.


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