CMT & Political Theory

Portions of my dissertation on “Political Theory as an Avocation: Community Technology and the Prospects for Democracy in America” — completed at the end of 2010 — have been updated and published or posted as follows:

Chapter 1 – Appendix A – “Oberlin College and the Berkeley School of Political Theory”

Chapter 2 – “Centres and Centers: The Centrality of Telecentres and Community Technology Centers (CTCs)”  – updated on; presented as per CMT2012; considered by the Information Technology and Policy (ITP) section of the American Political Science Association (APSA) for 2013 Teaching and Learning Innovations Award; supplemented with “Beyond Inclusion” review of recent works.

Chapter 3 – Appendix D – “The Commonwealth Broadband Collaborative: — Archive Overview of ‘First Tuesday’ programs, 2003-04,” (updated 8/12/16)— supplemented as per “3/27/12: Innovations in Community Media — Live at Brookline Access TV and Webcast Everywhere” and “Guide to the 12-minute version” (7/12/14).

Chapter 4 — At the Intersection of Technology and Democracy — and Political Theory

Epilogue:  The Journal of Community Informatics (JoCI) e-TextBook — as per new site here.

Appendix II:  On The Community Technology Review archives as per updated site.


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