Pedagogy, Telecentres & CTCs, and Community Informatics

CIRN Conference – 10 November 2011, Monash Centre, Prato, Italy

This workshop provides an introduction / foundation / overview for learning about community technology centers (CTCs) and telecentres — those premier institutions for addressing what has popularly been referred to as the Digital Divide — and the field of Community Informatics, and learning about either or both in a customizable manner appropriate for a wide range of learning environments, formal and informal, basic through advanced and specialized. It does this through an abbreviated version of a two-part day-long workshop prepared for the 5th International Conference on Communities and Technologies, sponsored by Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia in June 2011 with an emphasis on collegial discussion and exchange. The focus is on a selection and analysis of sixteen case studies that serves as an optional chapter for an electronic textbook, building on a proposal by the editors of the Journal of Community Informatics. Workshop discussion includes: assessment of material about telecentres and CTCs, looking at additional supplementary suggestions as well as pedagogical issues, and examining the proposed electronic text.

Discussion areas:

  • Centres and Centers update – 2010/2011/today

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