“COMPLICITY: How US Community and NonProfit Technology Has Been Complicit in Some Very Ugly Cuba ‘Regime Change’ Policies and Practices — And What To Do About It”

for “#ScreenTimeBU 2017: Fake News, Real Emotion, and The Mediated Self,” the Graduate Student Conference of the Division of Emerging Media Studies, at Boston University, June 22, 2017


1- Cuba: How to go and why! — in Boston, July26.org on the first Tuesday of the month


2- Our mediated selves & the media, technology, historical and political mediations through which we see Cuba — and the surprise about community, nonprofit, and alternative technology


3- Technology’s enormous, protean role in Cuba and US-Cuba relations:


4- Technology’s role in US-Cuba Relations: USAid’s Three Covert Fiascos: Alan Gross, Zun Zuneo, and the Hip-Hop Caper – cf. overt support for Radio and Television Martí


5- Community and NonProfit Technology Mediations and Distortions: Part 1: RootsOfHope.org


6- Community and NonProfit Technology Mediations and Distortions: Part 2: devpost.com, liberationtech, and The NonProfit Quartery


7- Some contributing factors…maybe:

  • General libertarian leanings across the technology field spectrumx
  • The little guy/person vs the big bully – yoani sanchez and women in white v. the Castro dictatorship/ cf. Cuba v. the US cf Cuba and Helen Yaffe critique
  • When your only tool is a hammer…


8. Cuba & Community Media at BU – www.bu.edu/today/2017/lift-cuban-embargo-says-miguel-fraga/


9. Watch for Leonardo Padura coming to Boston in the fall

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