Brookline Anti-Embargo Campaign Detail

The Brookline effort to pass the resolution calling for an End to the Embargo Against Cuba was a two-month campaign involving five preliminary and one final Town Meeting and was not without its complexities and controversies. Briefly, the original citizen petition, available here as well as in the material below, was modified on two points of controversy, one involving the deletion of reference to the specific federal legislation that does what the local resolution asks for, the other involving the call to end related covert anti-governmental programs of USAID. While the amendment to remove these pieces was fought against and ultimately failed by a substantial majority, the campaign for the full petition perhaps contributed to the near unanimous support for the amended Call to End the Embargo.

Much of this is detailed through the Town’s official record keeping of its business, the preliminary meetings in the Combined Reports Of Selectmen and Advisory Committee on the Articles in the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting (pp. 20-1 through 20-5) and the May 24, 2016 Annual Town Meeting Supplemental Mailing (pp. 44-48); the video of the Town Meeting itself is available through the Town’s community television access center at (at 1:30 through 1:49). The petitioner’s prepared presentation for Town Meeting is available here.

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