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Original TextBook Proposal

Note:  This was first proposed by the major editors of the Journal of Community Informatics to the full editorial board as a traditional printed text in August 2009.  To access any of the following articles, go to and enter the author’s name in the search box. You will then be given the option of linking to the article abstract or its full PDF or HTML version.


1. The modal nature of ICT: challenging the historical interpretation of the social understanding and appropriation of ICT / Marcus Leaning

2. The concept of community and the character of networks / Michael V Arnold

3. Time, space and the wireless community network  / Marco Adria 4(1)

4. Social Networks and Social Capital: Rethinking Theory in Community Informatics  / Kate Williams, Joan C. Durrance 4 (3)

5. Online communities sustainability: some economic issues  / Laura Anna Ripamonti, Fiorella De Cindio, Mario Benassi 1(2)

6. Community Informatics: What’s in a Name/ Michael Gurstein 4(3)


1. Local Learnings: An Essay on Designing to Facilitate Effective Use of ICTs  / Tony Salvador, John Sherry  1(1)

2. Using System Dynamics to Construct Design Theory for Community Information Systems / Aldo de Moor 3(1)

3. Towards Supporting Community Information Seeking and Use / Nkechi Nnadi, Michael Gurstein 3(1)

Research/research articles

1. Structuration, ICTs, and Community Work / Larry Stillman, Randy Stoecker 1(3)

2. Trapped in the Digital Divide: The Distributive Paradigm in Community Informatics  / Virginia E. Eubanks

3. Community Informatics and Sustainability: Why Social Capital Matters / Lyn E Simpson 1(2)

4. Free internet as agent of community transformation  / Jocelyn E. Williams, Catherine M. Wallace, PhD, Frank Sligo  2(1)

5. Building Community Social Capital: The Potential and Promise of Information and Communications Technologies  / Kenneth E. Pigg, Laura Duffy Crank 1(1)

6. Towards a Neo-Apartheid System of Governance in Latin America – Implications for the Community Informatics Guild / Scott S. Robinson 1(1)

7. Sustainable Community Technology: The symbiosis between community technology and community research / Peter Day

8. Community Networks as lead users in online public services design / Fiorella De Cindio, Laura Anna Ripamonti, Cristian Peraboni

Case studies

1. n-Logue: The Story of a Rural Service Provider In India Abstract / Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Anuradha Ramachandran, Alankar Bandyopadhyay

2. Looking Critically at ICT4Dev: The Case of Lincos / Granqvist

3. Digital Inclusion without Social Inclusion: The Consumption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Homeless Subculture in Central Scotland / Claire E. Buré

4. Using a Sustainable Livelihoods Approach to Assessing the Impact of ICTs in Development  / Sarah Parkinson, Ricardo Ramirez

5. Keeping Promises: Municipal communities struggle to fulfill promises to narrow the digital divide with Municipal Community Wireless Networks / Andrea H Tapia, Julio Angel Ortiz

6. Community Networking and Civic Participation: Surveying the Canadian Research Landscape / Graham Longford

Other practice/practitioner materials

1. Latin American Community Telecenters: ” It’s a long way to TICperary” / Michel J. Menou, Karin Delgadillo Poepsel, Klaus Stoll 1 (1)

2. Sustaining Community Access to Technology: Who Should Pay and Why /  Vanda N Rideout, Andrew J Reddick

3. Free internet as agent of community transformation /  Jocelyn E. Williams, Catherine M. Wallace, PhD, Frank Sligo

4. Towards a Code Of Cyberethics / Udo Richard Averweg

POV’s/thought pieces

1. A short movie about ICT / Steve Cisler  2(1)

2. Is Community Informatics Good for Communities? Questions… / Randy Stoecker


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